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This product meets the applicable limit for exposure to radio waves (known as SAR) of 2.0 W/kg (ICNIRP). The limits and guidelines include a substantial safety margin designed to assure the safety of all persons, regardless of age and health. The highest SAR values measured for this device are listed in the regulatory information packaged with your product.Note: When using the product while worn on your body, either use an approved accessory such as a holster or maintain a distance of 2.5 cm (1 inch) from the body to ensure compliance with SAR requirements. Note that the product may be transmitting even if you are not making a phone call.68016630006
Your phoneContacts
welco me
Whether you're a talker, a texter or just love surfing the web, the MOTOROLA GLEAM+ does it all. Listening to music or taking photos and videos on the move, is just a key press away.We've crammed all the main features of your phone into this handy guide—you can even take the guide with you. If you'd like even more information about how to use your new MOTOROLA GLEAM+, visit
So, let's go.Note: Your phone may not appear exactly as the images in this guide. However, all key locations, sequences and functions are the same.Caution: Before assembling, charging or using your phone for the first time, please read the important safety, regulatory and legal information provided with your product.
your phone
Power/End keyTurn on/off & end calls. Centre key
Mini USB connector
Charge & transfer files. CameraTake photos & videos.
Navigation key
Perform functionshown above the key.Soft keys Enter number & press to call. 3.5 mm headset jackListen to music or call hands-free.
Charging indicator
Press to select.Call key Scroll up, down, left or right. Volume keys
Flip LED display
message s
Send an SMS or MMS
1 Press > Messaging > Writemessage.
2 Enter your message.
Tip: Press Options > Input method to switch text
entry modes. Press
# to switch capitalisation
modes. Press
* to enter a space.
3 Press .
4 Select Enter recipient, enter a number and press
, or select Add from Phonebook and scroll to a contact. Press to select a contact.
5 Press .
Read messagesWhen you receive a message you will see
Newmessage 1 unread on your screen. Press View >
to open the message.
Make calls
Enter a number and press .
Answer calls
When your phone rings or
vibrates, press .
End a call
Press .
Redial number
1 From the home screen, press to see a list of
2 Scroll to the entry you want and press .
Emergency calls
To call an emergency number,
enter the emergency number and
press .
Note: Your service provider programs one or more
emergency phone numbers that you can call under any
circumstances, even when your phone is locked.
Emergency numbers vary by country. Your pre-
programmed emergency number(s) may not work in all
locations and sometimes an emergency call cannot be
placed due to network, environmental or interference
tips & tricks
To quickly change your ringtone, press and hold # from
the home screen.
Press and hold 1. If your voicemail number is preset,
you will connect.
Backlight time
To set how long your backlight stays on, press
> Settings > Phone settings > LCD backlight.
Flip LED display
To change the flip LED display animation, press
> Settings > Flip LED Standby animation.
To use the music player, insert a microSD memory card
(optional). The music player supports MP3, MIDI and
AMR music formats.
Play music
Press > Media player
Tip: To view music stored on your microSD memory
card, press > File manager > Memory card. To
transfer music to/from your memory card, plug your USB
cable into your phone & computer, then drag & drop files.
play/pause Press up/down.
Press right or left.
volume Press the volume keys.
menu map
Call centre
• Call history
• Call settings
• Write message
Sent messages
• Delete messages
• Broadcast message
Message settings
Image viewer
Sound recorder
•FM radio
Media player
•Now playing
• All songs
All videos
Music playlists
This is a standard home screen
layout. Your phone's home screen
may be a little different.
Fun & games
File manager
• Memory card
To o l s
SIM toolkit
World clock
• Calculator
• Tasks
• Currency converter
• Flip LED standby
Phone settings
•Network settings
• Security settings
• Factory data reset
• Licence manager
User profiles
Social networks
let's go
Cover off. SIM in.
microSD in. Battery in.
Cover on. Charge up.
Turn it on & off
Press and hold for a few
seconds to turn the phone on/off.
Menu navigation
Press to open the main menu.
Tip: You can also press Menu
(right soft key).
Press the navigation key up,
down, right or left to highlight a
menu option.
Press to select the highlighted
personaliseSet your wallpaperChange the wallpaper to one that makes you smile.
Press > Settings > Phone settings > Display >
Wallpaper.Set time & date
Press > Settings > Phone settings > Time and
date.Set ringtone & volumePlay it loud or keep it quiet, you choose.Press > Profiles.
Choose a profile. Press Options > Customize to edit a
profile.Set auto powerChoose when to receive calls and messages—really useful stuff:
Press > Settings > Phone settings > Schedule
power off.contactsSave contacts
1 Enter the number on the home screen and press
Options > Save to Phonebook.
2 Enter the contact details and press Yes to save.
Tip: Press > Phonebook > Options >
Phonebook settings > Preferredstorage to
choose where to save your contacts (SIM or Phone).
Call contacts
1 Press > Phonebook.
2 Press up or down, to scroll through the list to
highlight the contact's number.3 Press .photos & videosTake photos & videos
1 To use the camera press > Camera. Press
Options > Video recorder to switch to video.
Tip: You can also press Camera (left soft key).
2 Press to take your photo or to start/stop the video. Then:
To send your photo by MMS, press .
To delete the photo, press Options > Delete.
To return to the viewfinder, press Continue.
Tip: To set where your photos are stored press Options
> Photo album > Options > Photos > Options >
Storage > Phone or Memory card.
To transfer photos or videos to/from your memory card,
plug your USB cable into your phone & computer, select Mass storage and then drag & drop files.radioListen to the radio
1 Plug a headset into your phone.Note: The FM radio only works when the headset is plugged in.
2 From the home screen, press > Multimedia
> FM Radio.
To tune in a station, press left or right or press
Options > auto search.
To adjust the volume, press the volume keys.
To record the radio, press up and to turn off the radio,
press down.Store favourite stations
When listening to a station, press Options > Channel
list. Select a channel number and press to store it.
Press Options > Channel list to see your stored
stations. Press keys
1 to 30 to select a stored
station.BluetoothConnect new devices
1 Make sure the device you are pairing with is in discoverable mode.
2 Press > Settings > Connectivity >
Bluetooth > Search audio device.
3 Your phone lists the devices it finds within range. Press a device name to connect with it.
4 If necessary, press Yes, OK or enter the device
passkey (such as 0000) to connect to the device.
To automatically reconnect your phone with a paired device, simply turn the device on. To automatically disconnect your phone from a paired device, simply turn the device off. To send a media file or contact, open the item that you
want to transfer, then press Options > Send > Via
Surf the webNote: If you can't connect, contact your service provider.Use your phone's browser to surf your favourite websites.
Press > Browser > OK.
To go to a webpage, press Edit and enter a web
To open a bookmark, press Menu > Bookmarks.
To get help, press Menu > Help.
displayThe home screen shows when you turn on the phone. Status indicators can appear across the top of the home screen: Note: Your phone's home screen may be different from the one shown. 1:25
StatusIndicatorsRight soft
Left soft key
CameraCarrier name
Carrier name
Carrier name




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