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Operating Instructions




RDG100T / RDG160T the electronic room thermostat that allows you to set the ideal room
temperature you want. The thermostat provides Comfort, Economy and Protection mode and, in
addition, an Auto Timer mode with 8 programmable timers. The fan operates either in Automatic
mode or at the selected speed when using Manual mode. You can either rely on the factory settings
or make adjustments that suit your individual needs.
Main display Operating mode
Room temperature
Heating mode
Room temperature in degrees
Electric heater on
Room temperature in degrees
Button lock active Comfort mode
Alert indicator
Economy mode
Condensation in the room
Auto timer
Temporary timer function
Protection mode:
Protection against
Indicator for selecting
Weekday 1 = Monday
7 = Sunday
Operating mode button
Setting time and weekday
Setting the auto timers
Fan mode
Program mode button
Current time of day
T Fan mode button
Escape (Cancel)
Low Medium High
Rotary knob Confirmation (OK)
Changing the room temperature
The room temperature setpoint can be adjusted with the rotary knob when
Comfort mode is active or with
Turn the rotary knob clockwise (+) to increase, or counterclockwise (-) to de
the current room temperature setpoint for Comfort mode
The setting range is from 5...40 °C, unless limited by parameters P09 and P10 (for parameter settings,
see reverse side).
Adjusting the fan speed
Low Medium High
Press the fan mode button until the desired fan mode is reached
In Automatic mode
, the fan speed is automatically selected by the thermostat
depending on the setpoint and the actual room temperature.
When the room temperature reaches the setpoint, the fan stops (fac
tory setting) or
keeps running at low speed (P15).
In Manual mode, the fan operates independently and always runs at the same
speed: Low / medium / high
If desired, you can change the fan mode selector option via P03: Manually only, or manually
including Protection mode. Use P15 to set the fan speed in dead zone.
Changing from heating to cooling mode
Depending on the type of plant, the changeover from heating to cooling (or vice
versa) is made either automatically by a changeover sen
sor or a remote changeover
switch, or manually by pressing the operating mode button (see parameter P01)
To select cooling or heating manually (P01=2), press the operating mode button
until the desired mode appears
With automatic changeover or continuous heating / cooling, symbols
indicate that the system currently operates in heating or cooling mode
With manual changeover, symbol
appears, indicating that the system currently
operates in heating or cooling mode
Changing the operating mode
Press the operating mode button until symbol
appears, indicating that Protection /
Comfort / Auto Timer / Economy mode is selected.
1. Protection mode
In protection mode, the plant stops operating. If the room temperature falls below
8 °C, heating is switched on however to protect the room against frost
The setpoints for Protection mode can be changed by your HVAC installer if desired:
Changes made by installer: Frost protection: _________ C Heat protection: __________C
2. Comfort mode
In Comfort mode, the thermostat maintains the setpoint which can be readjusted
with the rotary knob
3. Auto Timer mode
In Auto Timer mode
, the controller automatically switches over between Comfort
and Economy according to the 8 preprogrammed timers
4. Economy mode
When selecting Economy mode, make sure that parameter P02 is set to 2
In Economy mode, the room temperature is maintaine
d at a lower or higher
setpoint, thus saving energy and money! You can change the preselected
by adjusting parameters P11 and P12 (for parameter settings, see reverse side)
Important: The setpoint for Economy can be set to OFF. This means that the thermostat is
deactivated! Risk of frost, i.e. no protective heating or cooling function is provided!
Setting the time of day and the weekday
1. Press the program mode button for programming.
2. Press button (OK) to enter the setting mode for the time of day.
The time digits start blinking. Turn the rotary knob clockwise or counterclockwise to set the time
of day.
If the current time of day is in 24-hour format and you wish to change it to the 12-hour format, turn
the knob clockwise passed 23:59 or counterclockwise passed 00:00. Vice versa back to the 24-hour
4. Confirm the time of day by pressing button and the weekday indicator starts blinking.
5. Turn the rotary knob clockwise or counterclockwise to set the current weekday.
6. Confirm the current weekday by pressing button (OK).
7. Press button (Esc) to leave the program mode.
After a power failure, the time of day starts blinking to indicate power was lost. However, the auto timer continues to
run with the time before the power failure occurred. Select the setting mode to readjust the time if needed.

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