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LMA4-V Instruction Manual

Thank you for choosing a TEXET laminator. We aim to supply quality

machines that create excellent results. Before operating the laminator –

please read and keep the user instructions for reference.

When using electrical appliances, basic precautions should always be followed to
reduce risk of injury or electric shock, including the following:
1. Always unplug the appliance when not in use.
2. This appliance is not intended for use by persons, (including Children), with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience or
knowledge. They should be given supervision and instruction in the use of the
appliance, by a person responsible for their safety.
3. The laminator will become very hot in use and care should be taken when
handling the machine.
4. Protect against the risk of electrical hazards. Do not immerse the power cord,
plug or appliance in water or other liquids, or use near water.
5. Do not insert any metal objects or other foreign objects such as jewellery, hair,
fingers or clothing into the appliance.
6. Remove paper clips and staples before laminating.
7. Do not operate the appliance with a damaged plug or power cord or after the
appliance has malfunctioned or become damaged in some manner.
8. If the Power Cord is damaged , it must be replaced by a qualified Engineer in
order to avoid a hazard,
9. The appliance should be installed near the outlet socket and the socket should
be easily accessible.
10. Only laminate paper or board. Do not laminate unusual objects.
11. Do not use aerosol dusters or cleaners.
12. Do not spray anything into or lubricate the appliance.


1. Operate the machine on a flat and stable surface.
2. Ensure there is enough clear space at the rear of the machine for the
laminated pouch to exit the machine.
3. The LMA4-V operates with laminating pouches 100 (2 x 50) micron – 160 (2 x
80) micron thick, (Credit card size to A4 size)

Operating the laminator:

The LMA4-V is operated by a rocker switch, located at the right hand side of the
appliance. There are 2 positions ON (l) and OFF (O)
1. Plug the machines cable into a convenient 13 Amp domestic supply outlet.
2. To Laminate select the ON (I) setting, laminating can begin when the
Green “Ready” light comes on, which indicates the Laminator is hot
enough to laminate, (Allow approx 3-5 minutes for the Laminator to warm
3. Prepare the laminating pouch for inserting into the machine.

See How to

load a laminating pouch below

Do not use pouches thicker than
160mic (2 x 80mic per side)
4. When the machine has reached operating temperature, you may insert the
pouch, (sealed edge first), squarely into the machine until it engages with
the rollers. Never insert a pouch open edge first into the machine.
5. The pouch will move through the machine and exit at the rear.
6. During the process the READY light may go out as heat is absorbed by the
laminating pouch. This is normal.
7. Do not cut down Laminating Pouches to Laminate smaller sizes of Paper,
smaller sizes of Pouches are available, see below, please use these.
8. Turn the laminator to OFF (O) after use.
9. Always remove the plug from the power supply, when the Laminator is not
in use


Do not touch the top of the machine during use, as it will get very hot and take
approximately 3-4 hours to cool down. Do not place items on top of the machine at
any time.

Laminating Pouch Sizes:

A4 – 303 x 216mm

A5 – 216 x 154mm

A6 – 154 x 110mm

A7 – 80 x 111mm

ID Card – 90 x 60mm

Credit Card – 86 x 54mm

Laminating capacity:

The LMA4V is a personal laminator designed for hot lamination so is only suitable
for home and small office use only. Do not use the appliance with pouches thicker
than 160 microns in thickness. Maximum Lamination thickness is 0.45mm, excluding
the pouch.

How to load a laminating pouch:

The laminating pouch is sealed along one side. Open the pouch and place the paper
to be laminated centrally inside the pouch as close to the sealed edge as possible.
Ensure there is an equal border all round the paper (e.g.: A4 paper should have a
3mm border). The sealed edge (not the open edges) is placed into the entry slot to
start the lamination process. Always watch the pouch during the
Laminating process to ensure it comes out the other side of the Laminator.
It may wrap around the rollers if not placed squarely and centrally in the entry slot.
In the unlikely event the pouch becomes jammed in the Laminator, please switch off,
do not open the appliance. Only a qualified service engineer should repair the

Warranty & service:

Never service the product yourself. The appliance is guaranteed for 12 months from
date of purchase, subject to normal use. If the laminator is under warranty then return
it to the point of purchase for replacement or repair.

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