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TwinTalker 6000

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(see front cover)


2.1. Removing/Installing the Belt Clip
1. To remove the clip from the unit, push up on the belt clip (2) while pulling
the clip tab (1).
2. When re-installing the belt clip, a click indicates the BeltClip is locked into
2.2. Battery Installation
1. Remove the belt clip (2).
2. Pull the Battery Cover Tab (4) and remove the Battery Cover (3).
3. Install the battery Pack.
Ensure the metal contacts on the site of the battery are facing outwards from
the radio to connect with the contact on the battery door.
4. Re-install the Battery Cover (3) and Belt Clip (2).
Note: Instead of the supplied battery pack, the TT6000 can be used with
3xAAA standard rechargeable batteries. Follow the polarity as shown when
installing. You are not able to use the desktop charger with standard recharge-
able AAA batteries installed
Important :
Dispose of the batteries at a designated battery disposal unit and not in
the household waste.
Remove the batteries when you do not use your radio for a longer period.
Do not try to diassemble the battery pack.
Do not shortcircuit & dispose of in fire.
1. Microphone
2. Monitor button
3. Talk button
4. Call button
5. Ear/mic/connector
6. Antenna
7. LCD display
8. Up/Down button
9. Menu/Lock button
10.On/Off button
11.Scan button
2.3. Desktop charger
The desktop charger provides drop-in charging conveniency
1. Put the desktop charger on a flat surface.
2. Plug one end of the supplied adapter into the electric socket and the other
end into the connector on the backside of the desktop charger.
3. Put the radio in the charger as indicated.
4. The charging LED will turn on if it’s properly inserted and charging.
5. It will take about 8 to 10 hours to fully charge the batteries


a. RX icon. Displayed when receiving a signal.
b. TX icon. Displayed when transmitting a signal.
c. Displays the current VOLUME LEVEL.
d. CTCSS code. Changes from 1 to 38 as
selected by user.
e. Displayed during the CHANNEL SCAN mode.
f. Displays during the VOX mode.
g. Button lock symbol
h. The current battery level charge.
i. Channel number. Changes from 1-8 as
selected by user.


4.1. Turning the Unit ON/OFF
To activate; press and hold the POWER button . The unit will “beep” and the
LCD Screen will display the current channel.
To switch off; press and hold the POWER button again. The unit will “beep”
and the LCD Screen will turn blank.
id a
4.2. Adjusting Speaker Volume.
The Speaker Volume can be adjusted using the up /down key . The
Speaker Volume level is displayed on the LCD(see §3)
4.3. Receiving a Signal
The unit is continuously in the RECEIVE mode when the unit is ON and not
transmitting. When you receive a signal on the current channel, the RX icon is
displayed (see §3)
4.4. Transmitting a Signal
1. Press and hold the TALK button to TRANSMIT. The TX icon will be
2. Hold the unit in a vertical position with the MICROPHONE 5 cm from the
mouth and speak into the microphone.
3. Release the TALK button when you have finished transmitting.
NOTE: To check the channel activity; press and hold the MONITOR button.
You’ll hear static if the channel is unoccupied. Don’t TRANSMIT if someone is
talking on the channel.
IMPORTANT: In order for other people to receive your transmission, they must
also be on the same channel and have set the CTCSS code you are currently
using. Refer to the ‘Changing Channels’


5.1. Changing Channels
The PMRS has 8 available channels.
To change channels:
1. Press the MENU button once, the current channel number flashes on
the LCD Screen.
2. Press the UP or DOWN button to change the channel.
3. Press the MENU button to confirm the channel selection and go to
CTCSS SUB-CHANNEL SELECTION mode, or press the TALK button to
select the desired channel and return to NORMAL mode.
5.2. CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System)
The 2 digit CTCSS code corresponds to a specific tone frequency the radio
emits. Two users, with the same channel and CTCSS set can hear one
another.They will not
be able to hear anyone else on the channel unless the
other radios have the same exact CTCSS code enabled.

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